Using The Campaign Builder

Once your account has been reviewed and approved, you can now create and launch your campaigns on Pyme using the Campaign Builder.
Get started by selecting the “Create a Campaign” option from the side-menu.
The Campaign Builder on your Company Dashboard.
Setting Up Your Details
Start off by giving your campaign a name, a description for your users to read and understand and then choosing an appropriate category. You can choose to list it as a Quest, Offer or Loyalty campaign based on what suits best.
Creating Your Actions
The campaign builder allows for you to choose from a wide variety of verifiable actions that a user would need to complete to get rewards on the campaign.
Simply click on the “Choose Action” dropdown to reveal a list of available actions and then fill in the required information.
If you want to add in more steps, simply click on the “Add Another Step” button.
Gating Your Campaign (optional)
Gating your campaign allows you to only allow a certain segment of users to be eligible to participate in your campaign. To use this feature, enable gating by clicking on the switch and use the dropdown to select the type of gating you want to enforce on your campaign.
Fill in the required fields and your campaign is now gated based on your set logic.
Rewarding Your Users
Reward your user for participating and completing your campaign on Pyme. Get started by setting a Reward Image for your campaign. This is required and is shown across Pyme as the image for your campaign.
Pyme Points are the primary reward available for rewarding users on Pyme but you may also choose to additionally reward users with an NFT (gaslessly minted to users on Polygon) or even tokens.
Finalising Your Campaign
Towards the end of the campaign builder, you can see an overview of the entire campaign that you’ve set.
Clicking on “Create Campaign” provides you with an overall summary of the entire campaign and rewards. Please confirm all the details on the campaign and click on “Confirm” to create your campaign on Pyme.
You may now head to the “Campaigns” page from the side-menu to put your campaign live and manage campaign details.