Supapowr Labs

Supapowr Labs is the company behind Pyme and Supapowr. To date, we have built Pyme having originally launched in March 2022.
Our vision is a world where every single person is empowered to live the life of their choosing. We believe that web3 is the catalyst that will significantly transform the global economy, giving people in every country the ability to make money, and build a life, how they wish.

Supapowr Labs Membership Cards

Supapowr labs membership cards are free to claim through Pyme. They are dynamic NFTs that reflect your early role in building the supapowr labs ecosystem.
The membership cards are transferable with only the holder will be able to claim future member benefits.
Eligibility to claim is only for people who minted gold vouchers or claimed a gold voucher directly through Pyme and Pre-Sale Pyme voucher holders.
There are two ways to get Supa points on your supapowr labs membership cards. You are able to claim from both categories if eligible.
  1. 1.
    2000 Supa Points per Gold Voucher minted or claimed through Pyme that you hold.
  2. 2.
    Points match to Pyme Pre-Sale voucher that you hold.
Mint 10,000 Pyme Points via pre-sale voucher and receive 10,000 Supa Points on your supapowr labs membership card.

Pyme DAO

Pyme DAO will have 5% of all supapowr labs projects allocated to the DAO on a vesting schedule in line with each project's community allocation.