In developing Pyme, it also became very apparent to us that identity will form the core component of our online activity in the future.
Yet perhaps in wildly different ways to what is being built and delivered today.
Today, web3 is fragmented to say the least. New wallets launch every day, new domain name services, new PFP collections, and even, new blockchains.
The average internet user does not care which chain or wallet wins. They simply care what it means for them and their life.
What we need is real value creation. Solutions to real life problems.
Such as who has access and controls your data? And why do companies get to financially benefit from your data, yet you don't?
That is where SupaPowr was born.
A DID protocol to power mass adoption of web3 to the average internet user.
SupaPowr will enable you to control who has access to your data, how they use it, and even, how you can make money and rewards from it. SupaPowr will drive the Pyme ecosystem forward. It is the protocol we need to not only scale Pyme, yet real use case applications of web3.
It became clear to us, the Pyme as an application needs the SupaPowr protocol to give you more control over your data, give you more optionality and allow you more choices and opportunities.
We are in the early stages of development with SupaPowr and will be releasing more details by the end of Q1 2023.