Current roadmap (accurate as of 12th March 2023)
Pyme Token Release planned for Q2 2023.
Pyme Gold Membership will launch in Q2 this year and during 2023 will ONLY be open for Gold Lifetime Voucher holders. We will open it for public release in 2024.
Pyme LaunchPad. In Q3 we will be launching our Pyme Launchpad to support and scale web3 companies, projects and communities. Access to this will be EXCLUSIVELY for Pymian holders. Rarities in each Pymian will be unlocked once the launchpad is live and different rarities will carry different rewards. The LaunchPad will use Pyme Token.
SupaPowr We are working to release a DID protocol. SupaPowr will have its own token however first access will be granted to Pyme Access Pass holders.